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There are two main factors that are necessary to make this dream come true: Time and budget adjustments. Besides these adjustments; There are also stages such as planning, preparation and research. After completing all these, there is no reason not to go on a world tour.

Bulgaria is a country with thousands of years of history and cultural heritage that embraces ancient civilizations. Visitors will find a lot to interest in the country’s history, culture, ethnography, religion, architecture and art. Unique archaeological sites abound throughout the country – ancient settlement mounds from the Neolithic era, Thracian temples and tombs, ruins of Roman cities, Byzantine and Medieval castles, architectural reserves, ethnographic complexes, churches and monasteries, Tekkes (mosques), and others.

Despite occupying only 2% of the European territory, about 40,000 historical monuments (7 of which are on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites), 36 cultural reserves, 160 monasteries and roughly 330 museums are registered in Bulgaria. and galleries. This includes prehistoric finds, Thracian tombs, Greek Age sites, Roman fortresses, historical monuments from the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdoms, and architectural structures from the Revival Age.